"Ever since Emily Gear started her job as museum director in 2002, she said, "Things have been getting progressively weirder."

        The doorbell sometimes rings on its own, walls vibrate and the basement door is found open when no one is present, some visitors claim.

        Ms. Gear is led to believe that the spirit of Antonio Meucci -- original inventor of the telephone who died in obscurity -- is present in the Rosebank farmhouse."

                                                   Source: "Real-life 'Ghostbusters' go hunting at Meucci Museum"




This photo below was taken at the Garibaldi-Meucci Museum on the night of the Ghost Hunter University 101 that was held on March 3rd, 2007. If you look close enough, you will see a yellow ball of light in the middle of the picture. That yellow ball is probably an orb.


Orbs are just little spheres of energy that some investigators and researchers say might have something to do with paranormal activity. But, Orbs do not always have anything to do with the paranormal. Like I said, It's just energy and energy can be found almost anywhere.


The way to tell if an orb is really an orb, and not a piece of dust is simple. If you catch it on video, it seems to have its own flight plan, it moves fast, and it makes it's own light. Dust just floats around in any direction with the wind and reflects light given to it. That's why if you see numerous round objects floating around and they all seem to go in one direction, you can be sure they are really dust.


In pictures, dust is very dull and transparent. Dust reflects light given to it, like a camera flash. Orbs of energy are very bright and give off their own light instead of reflecting light. Orbs are very full of color.