These pictures were taken at a cemetery in Long Island. The name of the cemetery is still being investigated.


One of our investigators was in the cemetery one night just walking around taking pictures with her mother and a friend, when she took these three pictures. She said that the flash was on and that they were the only people inside the cemetery at the time. She also claims that while walking around, she heard a young mans voice say something to her behind her. She turned around to find no one near her at all.


The black shadow you see on the left side of all three pictures could possibly be paranormal. It looks like a person reaching out, maybe for help.


 If it was our investigators shadow, it would not cover the tree like that and completely block it out. Your shadow does not do that. It can not be a finger because the finger would light up when the flash went off. Also notice the strange lights in the top of the first picture.


What ever this shadow is, it was not a living human's shadow, and it was not a finger. It could not have been a camera malfunction, because that would have taken place in ALL the pictures taken that night.