We are the Staten Island Ghost Hunters. We are a ghost hunting group based on Staten Island that is out to show people that ghosts and spirits should not be feared, but understood. As help, we use high-tech devices, common sense and thorough investigations. We believe that honesty and professionalism are the most important qualities to have while investigating a paranormal claim.


We enter an investigation with open minds, not just to prove there are ghosts but to prove there are non-paranormal explanations for the activites people are experiencing.


We do NOT promote the use of ouiji boards.


We may use people with some special abilites (mediums, psychics, etc.) on an investigation, but we will never use the abilities to decide on a conclusion.


All our services are 100% free


OUR MISSION: To seek out evidence of ghosts and spirits through intense investigations and present this evidence to help convince people that ghosts and spirits exist and they should not be feared, but understood.